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Anthony BanksQSIB Director of Engineering Research

Anthony Banks has over 30 years of experience in academic research, with thirteen years as a member of the Rogers Research Group at University of Illinois and currently as a key member of the Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics. He has co-authored more than 20 publication during this time. Banks has managed large groups of postdoctoral fellows, research associates and graduate students in a range of multidisciplinary topics, from low temperature physics, to flexible electronics, photovoltaics, microfluidics and micro-electromechanical systems. He is skilled in direct, hand-on efforts in advanced technology and instrumentation development. His experience is distinguished not only by accomplishment in academic research but also, particularly in the past 12 years, in transfer of academic innovations to companies, both large (e.g. Loreal, Medtronic, Reebok and others) and small (MC10, Semprius, CoolEdge Lighting, NeuroLux, Wearifi, EpiCore and others) for scalable commercial product manufacturing. Banks served as Chief Technical Officer for AJA International, an international manufacturing company with a portfolio of products in the research and development sector. He also is co-inventor on several patents, and he is a private research consultant and co-founder of NeuroLux and Wearifi.
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