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Soft, skin-like electronics

Soft, Skin-like Electronics

Applications include: integration in continuous, clinical-quality physiological health monitors and in interventional/diagnostic tools for treating diseases of the heart and brain

Key publication: “Epidermal Electronics,” Science 333, 838-843 (2011)

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Cellular-scale, Injectable Electronics

Cellular-scale, Injectable Electronics

Applications include: use as ultraminiaturized implants for optogenetic studies of neural function and for electro-therapy of neurological disorders

Key publication: “Injectable, Cellular-Scale Optoelectronics with Applications for Wireless Optogenetics,” Science 240, 211-216 (2013)

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Millimeter-scale, wireless wearables

Millimeter-scale, Wireless Wearables

Application include: fingernail-mounted systems for UV dosimetry, secure access, and blood oxygenation

Key publication: “Miniaturized Flexible Electronic Systems with Wireless Power and Near-Field Communication Capabilities,” Advanced Functional Materials 25, 4761–4767 (2015)

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Bioresorbable electronics

Bioresorbable Electronics

Applications include: temporary implants for sensing, drug delivery, and neuromodulation

Key publication: “Bioresorbable Silicon Electronic Sensors for the Brain,” Nature 530, 71–76 (2016)

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Three dimensional electronic networks

Three Dimensional Electronic Networks

Applications include: active scaffolds for controlling and monitoring cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation

Key publication: “Assembly of Micro/nanomaterials into Complex, Three-Dimensional Architectures by Compressive Buckling,” Science 347(6218), 154-159 (2015)

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